Various forms of people’s struggles are being waged in many spaces and communities in Kenya. They range from struggles for social justice, human rights, self – determination, identity, gender, self – reliance, art, academia, culture, education, politics, information, youth, pan Africanism, media among many others. Ukombozi Review is a newsletter to amplify, reflect on and connect these struggles.

Stories of people’s struggles will be published online and in print versions as they are received and reviewed. A digest of the topical stories will be issued at the end of each quarter and will be freely available online at These stories will not be limited to any genre. There will be reflections, analysis, accounts, news and views, op-eds, conversations, poetry, short stories, drama, drawings, cartoons, photographs, songs, and other forms of story-telling, as long as they amplify, reflect and connect people’s struggles based on progressive perspectives.

To contribute longer articles on people’s struggles in Kenya that you believe should be included in the newsletter, please write to the Managing Editor,

First write a short paragraph of what the struggle is all about and why it is important for reflection and connection before committing to writing. The length of the article should be between 1,500 and 2,500 words. The Editorial Committee will not necessarily publish every article submitted, but we welcome them. Make the article informative, critical, reflective, yet interesting and easy for a variety of readers.

Thank you for your interest in Ukombozi Review.
Editorial Committee