Where Were You?


Where were you,
When in 2010,
We voted in a New Consititution?
We the people,
Demanded a break from the past…

Where were you?
When the volcanoes erupted,
Forming beautiful lands,
And rich soils that multinationals crave for?

Where were you?
When at Wagalla they lined people on the airstrip.
Shot and maimed them
And made them speak of that chapter in hushed tones…
“What is justice without truth?”

Where were you
When they conspired to grab Karura
And women stood firm
Their connection to mother earth unshakable
Bold African women on the frontlines

Where were you
When teachers demanded dignified wages
And boycotted teaching
When roads became bribe collection centres
And ultimate deathtraps
All those lives lost, all these children orphaned

Where were you
When the youth
The majority disenfranchised
Were denied a future
When they moved by night, and got shot by daybreak
Africa weeps!

Where were you
When it was time to speak for the stifled
Those whose voices were muffled
You impersonated the blind,
And pretended not to see
We see that which you saw

Where were you
When in 2010
We voted in a new constitution
We the people
Demanded justice and freedom
Those demands exist today

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