The Artist Must Take Over

clenched fist

It has robbed us
Of our freedom of movement
Of our freedom in the movement
Of our freedom of little achievements

Our breathing has been censored
Our being has been censured
Our normal has been malizwaad
We move around with fear of the unseen

The police have been harassing
Arresting and extorting
Citizens in the name of COVID – 19
Corruption has been thriving
Many have been brutalized
Teargassed and left with injuries
Little Yasin was killed by rogue police and buried in a jiffy
The right to mourn taken away
All assassinations safely happening
Behind a mask of injustice

The elite converge against their rules of isolation
As usual displaying their arrogance in public
Not caring about what we think in this time of the pandemic
Knowing we can be played like an instrument as it is the habit
In our name they play their filthy stinking politics
Realigning themselves to plan future political calamities
In the name of the people
Swearing to take us out of their induced poverty
Warlords in our midst
They plan where to place us
In poverty so that they continue to rule us

The artist has been banished from the frontline
It is now the time to return
To speak
To paint
To sing
To dance away the injustices
The artist must take over

Un-painting our people’s indignity
Un-singing the violations of humanity
Un-speaking the spoken hatred of negative ethnicity
Un-dancing to the tunes that divide and rule us
Un-masking the hypocrisy of the self (s)elected
Ruling elite
The artist must stand strong to be counted
The Artist is Queen
The Artist is King
Against the bad manners of bad governance
The artist must take over

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