Of Death and Life: Tribute to Papa Brass


The mystery of death and life sing o muse,
Hinders the moral effort towards divine insight
Reduces their chances of attaining eternal peace
Why do you smile great sages of heaven?
Is it fear of unknown to your own amusement?

People will feast welcoming a new born baby,
Ignoring the mystics of life at conception
The stranger they accept as a miracle of fate
Don’t you shun them immortal powers divine
For the keys of wisdom is yours to give
As the blood at birth is the oath of the trinity
The union of the fresh, soil and the breath of life
Mortal will grief for the loss of a loved one
Comparing blood and water for weight
Others will fete for a score on foe
For a loss to one is a gain to another
Yet death in truth is a common to all
In labs and rockets mortal command
But the mystics of life eludes their mind
Religions they create to reach us for help
Declaring to the world of their weakness in spirit
Plants and beasts will die with ease
Accepting the law of survival for the fittest
Yet men in their naiveté compete with gods
I beg to retire o counselors of light
For the destiny of mortal is no longer an issue
Death and life are just but alternating brothers
For death is life at its inception
As the breath of life is death in disguise

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