Pictorial story on the struggle for Ecological Justice in Kayole


Preparing the land

Comrades Neema, Maryanne and Lena who were part of the team that worked on the land in the initial stages

Raking through the land to gather the large stones

Comrade Musa, who is 17, digging the land with the metal rod. He encouraged us to use whatever tools were available to us instead of waiting until we have tools to begin the work.

Ready for planting

Kunde shoots



While drawing this graffiti, our comrade Gera was arbitrarily arrested and illegally detained at Kayole Police Station for three days. The person arresting him was not even a police officer, but an informer notoriously known as Benteke. They falsely accused him with possession of marijuana and threatened to shave his dreadlocks and profile him on the Kayole Crime Free Facebook Page, where killer cops put pictures of their victims and targets. When they found him with the picture of the drawing, they mocked him saying, ‘You say police everywhere, justice nowhere, we will show you that we can bring justice’. They then put him in a probox, and drove to the station and demanded Ksh. 10,000 before he is released. Eventually he was released without us having to pay a ransom.

This picture of George Floyd is also part of the graffiti that we drew next to the mural of the ‘Police Everywhere, Justice Nowhere

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