The People’s March Continues


With backs against the wall,
with the resistance of students and firebrands,
with the solidarity of intellectual and clergy,
with unity of people and organization,
the people dutifully engaged in their struggle against power.
Armed only with grandma’s wisdom,
they started there, there where they were standing.
Or sitting.
Or being.
Or becoming.
They started there.
Found others.
Marched on amidst teargas and teary eyes,
bullets and brute force,
despotism… and detentions!
Many paid the ultimate price,
before section 2A was repealed

And 30 years later, the people recall their history.
Demanding their dignity and humanity,
they listen to grandma again…
“Start there, there where you are standing,
Or sitting,
Or being,
Or becoming.
Start there,
Find others,

The disenfranchised gather to express dissatisfaction
The dispossessed march for social justice.
Our youth march for their lives.
The people’s march continues!
Emboldened by impunity, the anti-people march on too.
But one day, not far from today,
the people will outmarch the anti-people.

The people will keep on marching.


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