A new dawn is on the horizon

A new year has arrived
It’s the year 2023
Ukombozi Review rolls on in the year
Sauntering ahead, unfettered by circumstances
Still keen on connecting progressive people’s struggles
Much more in Kenya, but also some Pan – African struggles

Some of these struggles are ideological, others are liberal
They are all people’s struggles
The mission is to make them as ideological as they can be
To amplify and connect these struggles
Wherever they are, whenever they may be happening

The labouring masses have a voice and a stake in this publication
We see the future, but labour for the present from the trenches of experiences
A new dawn is on the horizon
This struggle is long, and arduous, so said Lenin
But it shall come to be
One day, soon
In our lifetime
It’s a long road to travel, sings Jimmy Cliff, the reggae artist
We are stuck on this journey together

There are articles, poems and pictorials in this 12th issue
All reflections of various struggles
Look through them
Let them challenge you
Challenge them as well
Give us your feedback
We love that!
It helps us to keep on improving

In solidarity,

Njuki Githethwa
Managing Editor

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