There Shall Be A Just Society


Editor’s Note:

Myriad forms of people’s struggles are being waged in many spaces and communities in Kenya. They range from struggles for social justice, human rights, self – determination, identity, gender, self – reliance, art, academia, culture, education, politics, information, youth, pan Africanism, media among many others.

Ukombozi Review is in place to amplify, reflect and connect these struggles. This is the inaugural issue of this newsletter. Stories of people’s struggles will be published online and in print as they are received and reviewed. A digest of the topical stories will be issued at the end of each quarter. These stories will not be limited to any genre. There will be reflections, analysis, accounts, op-eds, news, conversations, poetry, short stories, drama, drawings, cartoons, photographs, songs, and other forms of story-telling, as long as they amplify, reflect and connect people’s struggles based on progressive perspectives. 

With the entire world grappling with the ravages of COVID – 19 pandemic, this issue is focused on people’s struggles amidst COVID – 19 in conditions of neoliberalism. The various struggles reflected in this issue include those on community organizing, universal healthcare, digital activism, ecological justice, indecent housing, LGBT vulnerability, indigenous communities and on Ukombozi Library. There are also poems, cartoons and graffiti on COVID – 19 pandemic. 

This newsletter would not have been possible without the support and contribution of many people, key among them being comrades in the leadership and management of Ukombozi Library: Kimani Waweru, Nicholas Mwangi, Abdulqadir Abdilahi Nasser, Noosim Naimasiah, Mwongela Kamencu, Njoki Wamai and Lena Anyuolo. Contributors in this issue: Prof Mῖcere Gῖthae Mũgo, Irene Asuwa, Lewis Maghanga, Ezra Otieno, Gitura Mwaura, Gitahi Githuku, Sungu Oyoo, Job Mwaura,Peter Mwashi Litonde, Mbugua Kibera, Ndungi Githuku, Cartoonist Bwana Mdogo and Amanya Kimathi for the layout and design. Finally but not the least, Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, Eastern Africa Regional Office based in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania under the guidance of Dorothee Braun and Joan Leon for solidarity support. 

The people’s struggles that are sparking all over the country are imagining a just society. What is imagined can be created. A just society will be borne out of these struggles. Ukombozi Review is here to connect these struggles. 

Njuki Githethwa
Managing Editor

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