Editorial: Looking forward, backward, movement

Small steps, little beginnings, experiences, connections, that’s all there is, the way to begin any venture, any adventure, any story. That’s the way Ukombozi Review began in April 2020 in the midst of the raging Covid–19 pandemic. This is the third issue of this journal, still reeling against the backdrop of a country that is reeking with corruption and all manner of injustices and bad governance. The wretched lower classes in the country are still submerged in grinding deprivation and injustices, staring vacantly at the abyss of despair and hopelessness while the fortunes of the rich ruling classes continue to swell from their sweat, their tears and blood. The middle classes are caught in between, casting glances furtively at the lower classes as pitiful sights they “inspiringly” rose from. They are not there now, so they assume, they would not want to go back to this wretchedness. They are at ease with their throwing morsels of mercy and motivations to the lower classes to assuage their guilt, while their eyes are wide open and salivating to the fortunes of the ruling classes whose vistas they are trying to trudge towards through great difficulties as they are being pulled back to the lot of the lower classes which they are escaping from caused by bad governance of the country. Bad governance of the country is the tragedy, wrought and chaining both the lower and middle classes. It is cancerous to the ruling classes. Bad governance is built on a system based on exploitation and oppression. This system mutates in various forms: Capitalism, imperialism, colonialism, neocolonialism, and neo-liberalism – all forms. They are all one and the same thing, continuously devouring society. Deprived, exploited and oppressed people continue to wage fervent struggles against this unjust system in all its octopus headed manifestations. People’s struggles have been enduring and protracted. These struggles have scored some gains, lost some, but their focus and faith continue, hearkening to the historical maxim that a just society and a new social order is possible, borne only by the pooling of people’s struggles. These struggles need to keep on connecting against this system that is united in imperialism and domination. No people’s struggle is either too small or big enough. Any blow against forces of oppression is a blow all the same, no matter how feeble the blow might be. Little strokes fell great oaks. United struggles occasion solid and devastating blows to bad governance and injustices of this system. People’s struggles need to continue rallying together against this unjust system. This is what Ukombozi Review is all about: Connecting people’s struggles. This second issue continues the mission to reflect, analyse and amplify people’s struggles across the country. This has been and continues to be done in various forms: accounts, reports, conversations, essays, poetry, short stories, cartoons, graffiti, photographs, paintings, and various other forms of people’s expressions and impressions. Asante sana to all the contributors and supporters. Enjoy the read, subscribe for you to receive subsequent issues directly to your emails and please give us feedback. We love it. We are keen to keep on improving. Small steps, little beginnings, together!

Njuki Githethwa Managing Editor

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